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12 Most Popular Natural Mysteries

Mystery News, here's 12 most popular mysteries of nature, the following 12 most popular natural phenomenon more:

1. The Red of Antarctica

If you hear the word waterfall we will surely imagine a cool place, lots of cipratan beautiful water. But how about listening to the waterfall of blood? It must be horrified. Waterfalls blood really existed in Antarctica, the land covered by ice. Waterfall flowing red water continuously. When first discovered by a geologist in 1911, the red color that flows slowly is thought to originate from red algae. Another mentioned agapan red comes from glaciers that cooped up under a stream of water over millions of years and contain ancient microbes isolated under very thick ice layer, because there is no light, heat and oxygen, so having a high salinity and iron , from the iron's red color is produced. With the gap glaciers, waterfalls formed out of water without polluting the ecosystem in therein.

2. Kingdom of the Lost

Two notes dialogues of Plato (427-347 BC) Timaeus and Critias the book describes the story of a kingdom surrounded by walls lined by a wall of gold and silver. Atlantis, so called, has a fascinating civilization. There already are the port and ships with perfect equipment, there are also things that can bring people to fly. At a time when Atlantis was about to launch a war with Athens, a sudden earthquake and flood, it was not until a day and night Atlantis sank without a trace on the seafloor. Great empire that has a high civilization that vanished overnight.

Archaeological investigation according to the version of Plato, Atlantis sinking Waku approximately 11,150 years ago. Plato said that the kingdom of Atlantis is told from generation to generation, not the fiction itself. Since thousands of years ago people put enormous interest for these. Since the 1960's until the 20th century, Bermuda sea located in the western Atlantic Ocean found a miracle in a row that shook the world. In 1968, several divers saw a road that was built using rectangular stones arranged very neatly. In 1979, the American and French scientists discovered the pyramid on the seabed bermuda. It is estimated that buildings are the underwater remains of the kingdom of Atlantis who had drowned.

3. Mysterious Streaks

Nazca Lines (Nazca Lines) are the lines that form an image shape that is located in desert areas. Nazca lines clear picture will look when viewed from the sky because these lines are very large. Nazca Lines is estimated to be between 700 BC to 200 BC. Hundreds of lines of Nazca desert Formatting various images such as monkeys, fish, spiders, birds and lizards.
The question is how to manufacture? Could the ancient civilization sketched a very large without help from the air?. According to Joe Nickell's theory, the line can be made by removing the pebbles around the desert. With an accurate calculation, when gravel was moved, the color contrast layer of soil will give the impression of the lines that form the image. In 1985, Johan Reihard stated that the Nazca Lines made ​​for purposes of religious ritual worship of the god berhubungandengan ..

4. Fire hole

The origin of the fire pit in Uzbekistan began about 35 years ago when a geological expert to dig the place to look for natural gas. They found a big gap in the basement. Excavation equipment had come into the abyss that was filled with poisonous gas. To prevent the spread of poison gas, they light a fire. Finally, the hole filled with fire and surprisingly up to now the fire is still very visible, especially at sunset.

5. Unidentified flying object

UFO is the acronym for Unidentified Flying Object, or in other words flying objects that can not be identified by the observer. Flying objects that most resembles a plate-shaped and has a high cruising speed, can travel hundreds of miles per hour. UFO sightings have become the most hotly discussed topics around the world. In 1951 in Texas, the professors and students see a strange light formations passing by. So on came the story of UFO sightings around the world including Indonesia. 10 February 1953, the town of Magelang to see four small shiny object moving slowly until it disappeared behind the clouds. In 1973, Japanese tourists, Ryo Terumoto who was visiting Bali's Mount Agung accidentally shoot the disc-shaped object. The apparition had occurred at the residence of one arts maestro Indonesia, Son of Thunder Soekaro. On May 23, 1981, the guard house

see the 1.2-meter-high beings who then disappeared along with the appearance of luminous objects. The next morning around modern day sightings of a brown color like the air stung Papas.

6. mysterious unique style

Crop Circle is a form of circles and other shapes such as the geometry of the large size of the premises / area in the fields of agriculture, especially wheat. There is also shaped like a scorpion, sunflowers, bees, etc.. In the UK, Canada, America, Australia and Japan are found Crop Circle phenomenon. This phenomenon usually appears in the summer when farm fields overgrown with plants. The geometry is sometimes the form of circles or can also form a unique series of images, showing that the author is an intelligent creature. Many have attributed Corp. Circle with the appearance of UFOs. A successful video recording process showed that the occurrence of Crop Circle Circle Corp. formed in only 20 seconds, whereas the amount in the tens of meters.

7. Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole or a blue hole is situated on the eastern mainland of Belize (United States). Being situated near the mainland, the coastal water is wasted into the Great Blue Hole. The shape is round and more than 305 meters in diameter, while its depth reaches 146 meters. Blue Hole is the result of repeated collapse of a limestone cave system formed during lower sea level when the ice age millions of years ago.

In 1971, Yves Jasquer (best of 4 divers dive sites on Earth) diving into the hole to measure its depth and check stalagmite hanging from the wall. The beauty of the hole is deep blue indigo color to create a lead structure called a blue hole. In addition, there are plenty of fish like Angel Fish, Butter Flyfish, hamnlpis fish and small groupers that sweep the surface of the water as calm as causing the shimmering sunlit make extraordinary beauty.

8. unique triangle

Bermuda triangle is also called devils triangle located on the Atlantic ocean area of ​​1.5 million square miles or 4 million square kilometers and forms a line between the bermuda triangle, the territory of the United Kingdom as points north, Puerto Rico, the territory of the United States as a point south and Miami, Florida, United States as a point in the west. Very mysterious Bermuda Triangle because a lot of ships that disappear when crossing the region. In theory United States Geological Investigation in 1981, the loss of aircraft and ships because of the region there are a lot of methane gas. There are, say that the bermuda triangle is a UFO base, so that any vehicle that crossed the territory would be kidnapped and exploited. There are also saying that the cause is due to the presence of a magnetic source of the largest on Earth are embedded in the bermuda triangle,

so that tons of metal can be drawn into.

Despite many theories, but no satisfactory because the emergence of such extra glow that surrounds the foreign body before the plane lost contact with control tower and the plane disappeared.

9. Building luxury mysterious

Pyramids of Egypt is the name for which is located in the Egyptian pyramids, known as the land of the pyramids. Imposing building was generally used as the tomb of the kings of ancient Egypt. However, centuries ago the pyramid is often used as a target of looting and tomb robbers because the kings bring wealth and all kinds of artifact. Pyramids are not made arbitrarily large stones so that it can be arranged in a neat and sturdy without adhesive. A big question about who the maker of the pyramid and how might the stones can be arranged through towering without adhesives. Presumably the question was still not found the answer.

10. strange rain

No one thinks, on July 25, 2001 rain that should have turned white. The state of Kerala in India weird red rain until september 2001. More than 500,000 cubic meters of red-colored water poured into the Earth. At first scientists thought the red color produced by the sands of the desert, but after further investigation it turns out the red elements in rainwater dalan are living cells that are not from the earth. The composition of these cells consisted of 50% carbon, 45% oxygen and 5% other elements such as iron and sodium, the cells are also dividing. Because of the red particles are living cells, then many of the proposed theory. The first theory states that a meteorite that exploded in the air had been massacred a group of bats in the air but this theory is disputed because it is not accompanied by supporting evidence, such as bats that fell from the sky. By connecting between the sound of explosions and light that precedes

blood rain, Louis put forward the theory that the red cells are extra terrestrial beings.

11. Eternal lightning

A unique natural phenomenon that is eternal lightning, occurred in the lake Maracarbo Catatumbo. This phenomenon is a thunder cloud lightning that forms a line along the 5 kilometers every 140-160 nights a year, 10 hours each night and more than 280 times in 1 hour. It can almost be called a permanent storm. According to research, lightning is due to the collision the wind that comes from the Andes Mountains. Lightning is also used as navigation by sailors.
12. Mysterious screams

A large hole in Siberia made ​​with the aim of research interests. When doing the digging, drilling machine suddenly spun quickly when it has reached a large empty space in the bowels of the earth. Temperature sensor indicates a very dramatic increase. A supersensitive microphone inserted into the hole in order to listen to the movement of Earth's plates. But instead, the sound is the sound of human screams.

12 Mystery of Nature's Most Popular.

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