Februari 10, 2011

World Tourist Attractions Scary Place

Here is The Most Terrifying Place World Tour, in the following LIST Terrifying Places World Travel Places

PLACE tour should not merely a beautiful place. A scary place, keep a record of history, or keep the mystery could be a fun tourist sites, as well as thrilling.


City with a history full of mystery, so the right word to describe the city in the region of Rajasthan, Jaipur in the north of this region.

According to legend, the massacre never happened at Bhangarh. After the massacre, was never there growth in the population of this mystery city. After the incident the same way, the city which was founded in 1630 is left in place for 10 years.

Of course, even though the city has been opened, but the smell remains a mystery and horror to the present. No one lived in the city. Even the local archeological office is located outside Bhangarh. A warning message at the entrance of the city had indeed explain everything.

"Staying here after sunset is strictly prohibited," strictly forbidden to live in this city after sunset, the smells of the warning message reads. Instead, visitors can stay in super luxury resort Amanbagh located about 10 km from Bhangarh.

Mutter Museum in Philadelphia

The museum is included in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, the oldest medical school in North America. If the museum is part of the medical school, already terbayangkah you about the collection of this museum?

Yes, the museum holds a large collection of human body parts and organs, the original! There are parts of the human head is preserved, there is the longest in North American framework, there were 2000 organ or body parts taken from a human throat.

Still there are also displays a human face made of wax, which shows some kind of eye injuries. Horrible, is not it?

TRUCK Lagoon, Chuuk, Micronesian

This is exciting tours for divers. In the region Truck or Chuuk Lagoon in the southwest of Hawaii, there are shipwrecks rest of Japan's World War II. Like the shipwreck, when divers entered the vessel, will be found so many soldiers items such as gas masks, glasses, and clothing.

Sonora Witchcraft Market, MEXICO

This is not a market biasa.Inilah the witches market, if it be called so. This is where the shamans and magicians provide services to predict and cast spells for luck, of course, by paying in advance.

In this market, weird stuff sold for a fortune, such as the blood of a poisonous snake, the bird dry, herb of the tribe of Astek, until the statue of Buddha. In Mexico, the witch does have a respectable reputation.

They are a mainstay, especially when there is a presidential election. They are generally asked to cast a spell to free and fair elections.


Easter Island is a small island. What makes it amazing is shaped statues carved human head as high as 9 meters, which is lined on the island.

Residents of this island, called Rapa Nui, has no historical record of how their ancestors moved the statues are from the mountain where they were carved into the island. In fact, an estimated distance of displacement until it reaches 22 km.

Myth then developed, that the work is done by extraterrestrials or aliens, for the support Rapa Nui who devote themselves to the aliens.

SWAMP Manchac, Louisiana

Tree with human-like form of swamps, seen at night. Moreover, a more horrible than this? This site is becoming a favorite among lovers of gothic nuance.

Not surprisingly, an adventure travel company called Old River Plantation Adventure tour package to provide this through the wetlands. But be careful if you want to spend the night in the swamp. Because crocodiles that live in them could be lurking.

That Scary Place Where the World Tour.
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