Februari 10, 2011

Top 10 World's Most Famous Dictators


The following are the ten most famous dictator in the world from various countries, in the following 10 most famous dictator of the world's more:


For number one, taking the two holy books (Koran and the Book). Indeed the figure of Pharaoh is very special for anyone. Especially when it comes to arrogance during the era of Prophet Musa. In fact, he arrogantly claiming to be God who is also a direct descendant of the sun god. Whatever his claims about himself, Pharaoh ended up drowned in pursuit of Prophet Moses with his army in the Red Sea. His body was later rescued by God Almighty, according to the sound of the verses of the Quran, letter Yunus verse 90 which reads: "On this day we save your body, that ye may be a lesson to people after you in the future."


One special figure at once the most widely preferred by the world community. Born of a Jewish father, where as an adult he was determined to exterminate the Jews in Nazi Germany through his party. But after he was trapped and near defeat, he finally decided to commit suicide with his wife in a basement.


This rich little joke huh? But no, this is the only fictional dictator on the list. Wizard magazine put him as the world's legendary dictator in position 68. All crime would greatly disrupt and misery to the people around the world, if he were there in the real world. Thankfully, he was just there in a fairy tale.

Taking reference from the book History of the Islamic World. In the book, maybe Saddam Hussein is a Muslim head of state who likes to kill its own people. Eternal feud with the Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran in the early 1980s to bring the oil crisis and the Gulf War because of him alone. Destroyed in 2003 after a siege of UN troops under the command of the United States and Saudi Arabia, until finally he was executed on Eid al-Adha 2005.


Here Italiano successful through his understanding of Fascism in Italy and several companions countries like Austria during World War II past. Conspiring with Adolf Hitler, almost all of Europe before finally subduing defeated by U.S. forces, until finally the Italian allies instead turned the block support and betrayed Germany.


Origin of these cruel dictators have slaughtered millions of Serbian citizens of Kosovo Muslims. He also briefly grounded scorching Bosnia and Herzegovina and made ​​some international crime. Eventually he was sentenced to death by international courts, and a dark note for the people of Yugoslavia this.


Indeed, the more value to admit a past president of RI this second. But when the era of Soeharto came to power in Indonesia, all the elements of freedom are severely constrained by a man who claimed himself as the father of this development. Even political parties are restricted only three pieces, the press is forbidden to do much, too many kidnappings to the activists the truth, if anyone dared to fight it. Died at the age of 86 years ago on January 27, 2008.

Experts communist Soviet Union was successfully destroy millions of innocent people for the sake of unification into a communist state called super power USSR. Unfortunately after his death, his goal is to make the world a communist is not accomplished. USSR broke up in late 1990, and then his legacy can only be enjoyed now with a Russian name.


This is the governor-general of Holland's most ruthless when it ruled in Indonesia. Sacrificing the masses heading for the highway construction Anyer-Panarukan that now we can enjoy if you go back and forth to my hometown. Ironically, perhaps he, too, who teaches corruption to the nation of Indonesia. He was greedy for money, so the construction project is actually choked up, and then called back to Holland and was replaced by Governor-General Janssens.

For some people, it is the main actor's involvement in World War II Japan. But precisely because he himself caused, must be willing to lose two Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the atomic bomb by the Allies. Finally he gave up just a few days before Indonesia's independence.

Now all dictators above can be valuable history lesson for us all not to follow his actions are far from the element of peace.

Well that's 10 most terkenel dictator in the world.

Sources: vivanews.com

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