April 24, 2011

Avoiding facebook account hacked

Currently facebook id is the target of many hackers, to prevent our facebook account hacked, especially for players level ninja that have been stuck (unfortunately that got hacked), here are some tips from me.

1. Hiding e-mail address on facebook.
Do not display your email address on facebook info part because most hackers use e-mail address to carry out its mission: p

2. Making a password.
Never once - time use passwords that are easy to be cracked, for example: date of birth, no. HP, or the actual password is known in general.

3. Hide some of the data themselves.
Hide your personal data that you think is important / associated with your email and password.

4. Change passwords facebook regularly.
Change passwords periodically facebook facebook account to minimize the possibility of being broken.

5. Security settings for facebook.
Settinglah security question on facebook, so when someone opens our facebook id of the other regions, the account will require a secret answer to the question we have made.

6. Use the facebook id with a valid email address.
This one is very important, because when we are exposed to hack facebook account, one - the only way back is to reset the password, and reset the code will be sent via e-mail address you. So if an email address that you use a password or forgot id forgot, immediately replace with a new email that is always active.

7. Do not use the same password with the password email.
If the same email password facebook password, automatically when we are exposed to hack facebook, then any email address can also be accessed by the hackers, so you immediately change the password facebook / email with a different password.

This action is to prevent, but if your id has been hacked, then one - the only way is to reset the password using the email facebook kaliann register on facebook

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