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Definition of True Love

Love. Every time the word is called, the human soul was shook, swayed by the feeling beautifully noble. It has been a lot of poets and wise men talk about love, but love is like a spring that never dried despite constantly take water. Not a few people who try to understand love, but love is like a book that never everlasting, will not be bored people who read it, and not to be completed by people who talk about it. If we read a book or ask some people about the definition of love, then we will get different answers. However, if considered more deeply, we can classify the definition of love, in general and specific. Love in a general sense can be defined as basic human nature or instinct that can not be separated in the human life itself (Abdullah Nashih Ulwan, Love Management). An example of this love is the love of family, friends, possessions, and so on. While love in a special sense usually revolves around the relationship between men and women. This kind of love that gets the biggest portion of human attention, because in it there is a mystery that causes people to feel a million flavors in this life.
Based on the love in this special sense, a scholar named Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah rahimahullah (may Allah have mercy) who lived in the century-800 H (circa 1400 AD) wrote a book entitled al-Muhibbin Raudhah Nuzhah wa al-Musytaqin which has been translated into Indonesian under the title Garden of Love People and Love harbored. He is a scholar who left many valuable writings and books of his book that until now the reference for the prosecution of science. His writings were well known for its beautiful style and spoken language are very good in explaining the problem. And this is recognized by scholars who came after him and those who read his works.
In this book he is capable of displaying the nature nature of love between two human beings of the opposite sex and his testimony is supported by evidence from the Qur'aan and Sunnah, fiqh issues, interesting stories and poems that indah.Buku the divided into 29 chapters begins by introducing the terms of love in Arabic. Unlike the Greeks who only know the third term for the love (philia, eros, agape), the Arabs have 60 terms of love as mahabbah, 'alaqah, air, and so on which 50 of them are described in this book, starting from the understanding, explanation, and relationship between those terms. Furthermore, he explained there are three motives (reasons) that causes people to fall in love: (p. 50)
1. The nature of people who loved beauty and charmIf a loved one has a charm of its beauty, charm it really can be captured by those who loved him. Perhaps the charm of beauty itself is only mediocre in the eyes of others, but in the eyes of people who love, charm looks perfect so that people who love do not see anyone who is more charming than a loved one, as the words of a poet:
I do not know whether the charm that captivatedOr maybe my mind is no longer in place (p. 51)
2. Feelings for people who love to loved ones
3. Alignment and fit between the love and be lovedThe third factor is what mempertautkan soul between them, and that the trigger for the onset of the most powerful love. This is because each person will be inclined to whom accordingly.
"The women are for vile men are cruel, and vile men are for vile women (too), and the good women are for good men and good men is for women who either (too) ". (An-Nuur: 26)
So, someone once said, "Love is a mirror for someone who is in love to know the character and gentleness itself in the image of her lover. Because actually, he does not fall in love except with himself. If love grew for suitability and compatibility, then that love will be strong and sturdy, will not go away except by the more powerful inhibitors of the cause of love itself. If you love a particular purpose on the self against the backdrop of a loved one, then that love will soon be gone if the purpose behind the love was gone. Some doctors say, "Love is the integration of soul and spirit, because of the appropriateness and suitability. If the water is mixed with water, then both are difficult to separate. So the love between two people is united, that one will suffer because of another's suffering, which one ill take another sick, without realizing it. "(P. 57)
The first to lead the growth of love in man is his eyes. It is like a poem:
The beginning of love beautifully captured on the liverFinally, death is like a gameHe starts from the view and jokesGlowing like embers heartsLike a fire that started from a sparkIf enlarged his' right to burn all the wood (p. 154)
Eyes have a tremendous influence on the growth of love can sometimes be dangerous for the owner if he did not keep his eyes. Because the eye is associated with the liver, the eye is a mirror of the heart. If someone held his eyes, then he's holding his heart lusts and desires. If he spit his eyes, then he's indulgence in lust his heart (p. 71). That is why God told the believers men and women to hold his views (An-Nur: 30-31). In this book explained the benefits of holding eye 10 as well as dialogue between the eyes and hearts in which both blame each other.
If love coming into a man, then he can push a coward to be brave, a miser becomes generous, wash the minds of the ignorant, tongue memfasihkan people who stutter, arouse the desire of the weak, degrading the honor of kings, reveal the greatness of the brave , is the first door that divides thought and ingenuity, so there is a subtle deception, turbulence becomes quiet, character and personality to be organized, there is joy that danced in the spirit and excitement that dwells in the heart. One can not shy away from love except those whose hearts are hard and dumb, who have no virtue and understanding, as well as the rough temperament, less insane or have no passion (pp. 147 -148). When a man or a woman in love, then he has signs that prove it. But, there is a difference between the two of them said that the love for a man is like a mountain. He is large but constant and vulnerable. At times he could have erupted, spewing lava, destroying everything they encounter. While the love for a woman like a nail. He is only the tip of a finger but it grows slowly, quietly and steadily increasing. If he is cut, it grows and grows again. In this book described 20 signs of falling in love be it man or woman who can partially summarized in a beautiful expression that "Love is like a tree in the heart. Its roots are the submission to a lover who loved, its branches are informed, is the fear of her branches, the leaves are ashamed of him, his obedience to him is to live it and the water is calling his name. If in love there is one part of the vacant, meaning of love is diminished. (H.367) '
Apart from the things above, this book also contains interesting chapters to be read by his readers, so create your readers feel like to know what is covered by the next chapter. At first, perhaps when reading this book we have difficulty in understanding what is written by its author, but if we read each line of this book slowly and try to understand it, it seems clear that the book is replete with lessons about love. This book as the author says himself worthy consumed all age levels, can help in matters of religion and the world; can bring pleasure in the world and the Hereafter. By reading this book we can distinguish between true love and destroying love and to know the result of both, and can explore the problematics of love and longing and intricacies.Love would give anything to you, unless the whole himself, and he would not take anything from you, except from himself. Love does not own or owned, for love is sufficient for love.(Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet)
Data Book:Original title: al-Muhibbin Raudhah Nuzhah wa al-Musytaqin
Title: Park's People and bury Love Love
Author: Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah

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