Februari 11, 2011

River Wonders Under the Sea

rivers under the sea
Can not be denied again, this is the power of God who creates miracles, including the nature under the sea:

This is one recording of one of a diver named Anatoly Beloshchin, which records the existence of 'the river under the sea' at a depth of 60 meters off the coast of Mexico this Angelita cenote. Sights 'river under the sea' is very much like the river on the mainland.

According Suharna Surapranata Research and Technology, as quoted VIVAnews said, although the color of brown water in the river below the ocean is similar to the pattern of fresh water in the rivers are generally, but the water is fresh water but not the bottom layer of gaseous hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which is acidic.

ALLAAAHU AKBAR! Extraordinary indeed!

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